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The Art Directors Have Won

I can remember when I first became an art director. I flipped a coin with my ad partner and lost. Aside from a few art director roles I’ve consigned myself to fact that I write better than I can design. If the converse was ...

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Dancing in the Dark – Social as by Ad Agencies

Over the last few years there has been a definite pivot from the traditional above-the-line ad agencies towards servicing social media. Why? Well, it’s certainly not for the prestige or the brou-ha-ha. After all social is the ugly sister of media (displacing radio for last place in the glamor stakes). The majority of ...

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Inverse emotions

If you type in Neville Chamberlain into Google Images you'll find what this post is all about. To backtrack a little, Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of Team Great Britain on the lead up to WW2 and the first year of it. He's remembered for being completely out of touch ...

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I see ad agencies

We need ad agencies like I need cancer. We are bombarded and berated with bright neon lights purloining everything from hand sanitizer through to funeral care. Yet we tolerate their existence. We even endorse them at certain points in our life. Could advertising be some sort of reflection of humanity, that we ...

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Short ass post

There’s a fine line between scared and concerned. Since I don’t like to say I’m scared, I say I’m concerned instead. Advertising reviews I fear abide by the same set of rules. When others say they are concerned over the creative work, what they actually mean is they are scared ...

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What’s in a name?

I was thinking this morning about how the hardest part of writing the script of Ghostbusters would have been what exactly do you call them? What would an alternative name be? I can’t see Bill Murray kicking open a door to reveal ...

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Sadism and its causal link with creativity inside advertising agencies

Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote “To see others suffer does one good, to make others suffer even more: this is a hard saying but an ancient, mighty, human, all-too-human principle... Without cruelty there is no festival.” Why does this statement feel like it should be embedded in the motto of every ad agency. TBWA: ...

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The story at the bottom of the sea

The reason why I’m telling the following story in detail, is I'm seeing more and more collaborations between disparate industries.  It's exciting, and it's memorable. Read on for what I mean. The Troll A platform is an offshore gas platform off the West Coast of Norway. Construction on the platform started on ...

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The best post in the world

Sometimes you read a post that makes you go, wow.This is that post from Linds Redding. An incredibly gifted adman who recently lost a battle with cancer.

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The Good, The Bad and The Innovative.

Sometimes lessons can be learnt from totally unrelated fields. Westerns, a personal favourite film genre of mine, can teach us more about innovation and running businesses then you'd initially like to believe. See below for ...

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