Manifesto help

You start.
You start with repeating parts of a sentence.
Then, you add a few words from the ambitious yet refreshing strategy.
You ask a question that’s not really a question?
You don’t really answer it.
But you take a pause.
To make sure it feels like you have.

The music elevates.
Coldplay’s Clocks usually does the trick.
More strategic statements masquerading as insights.
At the moment, this one is popular:
Feel together, even when you’re apart.
Use “We” a lot when talking about yourself.
Get celebrities to repeat the same word in a rapid sequence.
One known celebrity is needed. Usually Julianne Moore.
Build pace.
Cut dramatically to…
Black background title card.
Cut Coldplay’s clocks and replace with wind whistles in the background.
White headline fades up against black background. It’s the strategic setup slide the clients saw 4 minutes ago.
Just slightly rewritten.
Australians remember when ‘Myer’s my store’ became ‘My Store is Myers’.
Yeah, just like that.
Cut from headline to logo on black.
And that’s another week’s work done.
If you’re having a braindead spell working from home just use the above roadmap courtesy of J J Horner.
You’re welcome. Extending my hand briefly for the marketing proletariat to kiss (too kind, too kind).

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