10 years on


I’ve never been one for pomp and circumstance but I’ve just hit the big 10 year anniversary in advertising as a creative.

The ol’ one zero.

The ol’

The ol’ one…


I was on the verge of celebrating with a ‘I’m turning 10 party’. Then I thought against it.

I’d like to think that 10 is the new 5, but judging by the 19 year olds infiltrating the industry, 10 is the new 20. So, in my frail dotage, what are some of things I can recall from the distant past in adland? Bygone rules from another era (the ones I can remember) include:

  •  Being told  to leave out the website address on a print ad, as it made it ‘look ugly’.
  • Taking polaroids before shooting with film, so you can gauge how everything will look.
  • Discussing the differences between shooting with negative or positive film stock.
  • Storing all videos on Umatics (note: they may still do this in New Zealand).
  • Creating digital campaigns that didn’t focus on social media participation.
  • The industry standard for laying out campaigns was Quark. 
  • One off ambient pieces were seen as cutting edge advertising.
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