Be the squirrel

squirrelAhhh, that elusive equation that makes people converse, interact and refer to brands. The modern day transmutation of lead to gold.

It’s something that a lot of people talk about but few do it successfully. Yes, it’s true that agencies are the brand guardians and gatekeepers, but quite often they’re faced the wrong way around or let in the very people (research testers mainly) that are meant to be kept out.

Since being in London I am mesmerized by the fact that people in turn are mesmerised by squirrels. Even though there’s one of every street corner. Even though we see 20 a day, everyone stops. Everyone looks.

It is not the fact that seeing a squirrel is new. It’s the fact that it’s fun. And no matter how many times we see the same series of actions, we can’t help and be transfixed by them running across the ‘don’t stand on the’ grass with their bushy tail bouncing around like a Prussian guard’s moustache.

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