Being inefficiently, efficient.

LazyThe more I work in advertising, the more I realise that the laziest people (or apparently the laziest) are actually the most industrious. You just never really see it. I think the biggest example of this is with someone I don’t even know first hand. Apparently the founder of 42 Below (name written backwards here so he doesn’t search for his name on google and cease and desist me – Ssor Ffoeg) was a lazy little shit at DDB, Auckland and used the resources provided to him by getting collateral and advertising material for free. Meanwhile, after work he was brewing his vodka. Fast forward 7 years and as we know now, 42 Below now only ranks slightly below Peter Jackson and the All Blacks as an identifiable kiwi brand that registers worldwide. Needless to say the aforementioned account service man in question can pretty much buy a small island (or even medium to large) anywhere on planet earth.

So, now it’s May 2011, Leo B, Riyadh. There’s a very bright copywriter here that avoids work. Actively avoids it. He has to be reminded a bunch of times to write a script and even then you get something back that isn’t remotely like what was discussed. The question often arises “What does (insert name) do here?” from a bunch of people. To which there is sometimes shrugs from a circle of people. However, on the side, and there is a big side, he has been doing a lot. The highest watched Saudi show on youtube… is a product of his genius. It was just started in the second half of 2010 as well. He has an events company that is cleaning up. He treads carefully with the modern day sensibilities of uber conservative Riyadh that generally bans and outlaws such shows. And he gets away with it. He has a radio show. And once again…. it’s big. And perhaps the biggest amazement is: he’s under 25 years old.

I kind of expect him to follow the same path as Ssor Ffoeg. Being inefficiently, efficient. I now know the path to success through them. It’s now just a matter of trying to follow them. Be unproductive at work. But be extremely productive… for yourself.

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